Bigfoot 200 – An Epic Journey

In August 2022, I ran Bigfoot 200 - a 210 miles endurance/ultra-marathon race in Washington Cascades. The race is known as one of the remotest and toughest 200 milers in the country. To finish this race, a runner is challenged to not only run for 210 miles but also climb almost 45,000 ft up and... Continue Reading →

My journey to Boston Marathon

Finally, I was in Hopkinton. Standing in the starting line - waiting impatiently and anxiously with other runners in my corral. But I still could not believe I was standing there. "Only 8 minutes to go", the announcer's voice was brimming with energy and excitement. He continued to say more, but words were failing to... Continue Reading →

Fundraising page for Amrita-Seattle/Bigfoot 200

As part of running my first 200+ miles race, I raising funds for my favorite charity, Amrita-Seattle. Please donate using the following link - Donate to Amrita Seattle What is Amrita-Seattle? Amrita-Seattle is a grass root USA-based 501(c)(3) NGO that is dedicated to providing basic education, nutrition, healthcare and clean water solutions to underprivileged communities... Continue Reading →

Marathon training for Ultrarunners

Ultrarunning events are generally defined as any long-distance runs that are longer than a marathon (26.2 miles). Shortest Ultras starts from 50K runs (~31 miles - around 6 miles longer than a marathon), but most will argue that real Ultra distances start from 50 miles and go up (to 100 miles, 200 miles and even... Continue Reading →

Backpacking to Buck Creek Pass

Backpacking up Buck Creek Pass with my kids was on my wish list for a while. I knew that it’s a gentle hike up from the trailhead offering spectacular views of Glacier peak and other mountains in the wilderness. From the pass, one can also roam in the high country for hours - sounds magical... Continue Reading →

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