Larch madness – an autumn adventure to Larch Lake

Autumn is a very special season in the mountains of Washington. We don't have the same multi-color fall foliage like New England areas, but it is more than made up by the high elevation golden "Larch madness". Larches are deciduous conifer trees that grow in relatively higher elevation (2000 - 5500 ft) and their needles... Continue Reading →

Finding Heaven in Devil’s world – a run in Devil’s Dome loop

Since I moved here in Seattle and started reading all the literature I could read about long, classic routes in North Cascades, I came to know about Devil's Dome loop. Apart from the dramatic nomenclature (this route is more close to heaven - than to Devil's territory as it seems), what is also attracting about... Continue Reading →

Backpacking to Buck Creek Pass

Backpacking up Buck Creek Pass with my kids was on my wish list for a while. I knew that it’s a gentle hike up from the trailhead offering spectacular views of Glacier peak and other mountains in the wilderness. From the pass, one can also roam in the high country for hours - sounds magical... Continue Reading →

A day on Northern Loop in Mt Rainier

Northern Loop is a wild trail in Mount Rainier National park that travels some of the most stunning and least-visited mountain landscape in one of the very-well-visited national park of USA. The trail is unique as it ventures into some of the pristine forests, craggy peaks, alpine meadows and raging water torrents - relentlessly climbing... Continue Reading →

Photograph Florence

Ahhh...Florence. Florence (Italy) is one of those mythical names, that invokes imagination and excitement, just by uttering the word - F-L-O-R-E-N-C-E. Florence (or Firenze as Italians call it) is the capital of magical Tuscany, the birthplace of renaissance and one of the most important Roman cities since the ancient time. I've always dreamed of visiting... Continue Reading →

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