Enduring 100 miles in Badger Mountain Challenge

[I ran 100 miles in 2021 Badger Mountain Challenge, a trail/mountain running race in eastern WA, USA. Here is my personal account of the run] “The Devil whispered in my ear: ‘You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.’ I whispered back: ‘I am the storm.” The Devil joined me at around Mile 70 of... Continue Reading →

Larch madness – an autumn adventure to Larch Lake

Autumn is a very special season in the mountains of Washington. We don't have the same multi-color fall foliage like New England areas, but it is more than made up by the high elevation golden "Larch madness". Larches are deciduous conifer trees that grow in relatively higher elevation (2000 - 5500 ft) and their needles... Continue Reading →

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