Enduring 100 miles in Badger Mountain Challenge

[I ran 100 miles in 2021 Badger Mountain Challenge, a trail/mountain running race in eastern WA, USA. Here is my personal account of the run] “The Devil whispered in my ear: ‘You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.’ I whispered back: ‘I am the storm.” The Devil joined me at around Mile 70 of... Continue Reading →

Training principles – what I have learned so far

Disclaimer: I am neither an accomplished runner nor someone who is running/training for a long time. I am only trying to document what I have learned so far about training for marathons and ultrarunning in last 2-3 years. I have a long background in mountaineering/endurance activities as a recreationist, but running is relatively new for... Continue Reading →

A day on Northern Loop in Mt Rainier

Northern Loop is a wild trail in Mount Rainier National park that travels some of the most stunning and least-visited mountain landscape in one of the very-well-visited national park of USA. The trail is unique as it ventures into some of the pristine forests, craggy peaks, alpine meadows and raging water torrents - relentlessly climbing... Continue Reading →

Circumnavigation of Mt St Helens in a day

Mt St Helens is the iconic Pacific NW volcano that erupted in recent times (1980). I have climbed this mountain before but never circumnavigated it via Loowit trail, which goes all around the mountain. It's a unique trail in a unique mountain that passes through the volcanic blast zone, full of lava rocks, pumice, deep... Continue Reading →

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